An Introduction To Electric Bikes

In possibly one of the biggest shake ups to the world of cycling in recent years the introduction and growth of electric bikes has been incredible. The benefits of an eBike coupled with the growing need to pursue green forms of transportation has made the electric bike an incredibly viable mode of everyday transportation. 

It’s easy to see why eBikes are being used by more and more people. Not only do you get the benefits of a regular bicycle like avoiding gridlock, ease of parking and storage, ??? and let’s not forget fun. You also get the benefits of motor assisted travel. Power up hills, ride further, go faster and arrive at your destination sweat free to name a few. 

Most excitingly, the eBike also offers groups that might be put off from riding a conventional bike a reason to jump into the saddle again. We speak to a lot of older cyclists, people with long term injuries and those with disabilities who have been able to return to or even start cycling with a power assisted electric bike. 

What is an ebike? 

In essence an eBike is any bicycle that utilises a battery and an electric motor to assist the rider whilst cycling. While the premise is simple the range of available styles and electrical systems is vast. Most eBikes can be separated into two groups when it comes to drive systems, hub drive and mid motor bikes. Neither is better but each have their strengths and weaknesses. We have written a more in-depth article here if you want to know more. 

The Benefits

Whilst there are many good reasons to start riding an eBike we think these are three of the best. 

Staying Healthy

While an eBike certainly makes life a lot easier, you still have to bring something to the table! Riding an eBike has all the same health benefits as regular cycling. The fact that the motor takes some of the hard work away means you are more likely to stick with it and actually cycle more. 

Cost savings 

With increased taxation on fossil-fuelled vehicles and rising costs of public transport the eBike alternative is very financially attractive! With clever ways to purchase including 0% finance, and cycle schemes you can spread the costs and make great savings! 

Going Green 

The need for our city to get a grip on its toxic air has never been more important, after reaching yearly legal pollution limit within a month in 2018! 

eBikes offer a sustainable method of transport that contributes to a cleaner, less congested city. 

What Can I use an eBike for? 

Whatever you want!  Electric Bikes can be many things to many people. Whether a tool for business, a way to extend your cycling commute or to simply have fun, there is an eBike out there for everyone. Most eBikes fall into the following categories. 

Commuter & Leisure Electric Bikes

Probably the first style of bike you think of when it comes to eBikes. These bikes are designed for comfort and utility. Offering a more upright riding position these bikes are perfect for the daily commute, day to day travel and exploring the world at a leisurely pace. Within this group you will also find folding and cargo bikes. Cargo bikes are designed to offer cargo carrying capacity. Perfect for making deliveries in town or even transporting the kids 

Electric Mountain Bikes

As the name suggests eMTBs are electric mountain bikes and cover all the styles you would find with conventional mountain bikes. From hardtail design all the way up to huge travel knarly full-suspension rigs. eMTBs can certainly take the donkey work out of climbing hills leaving you fresh for the descent.

Electric Road Bikes

Again, the name says it all. Electric road bikes offer the geometry and styling of high-performance road bikes with the added bonus of extending your range,increasing your average speed and keeping you at the front of the pack.

Taking The Plunge

Buying an electric bike can be daunting, that’s why at 99 Bikes we only stock eBikes from reputable brands using the best drive systems and componentry. If you need help finding the perfect eBike you can pop into any Hargroves store to speak to one of our experts or contact us online to discuss your requirements. We would also recommend reading more of our Electric Bike buyers guides to understand more about them and how they work.