New Scott Foil 2016 – Behind The Scenes

In our opinion the Scott Foil still remains one of the sexiest looking bikes out there. Check out what has gone into getting it write for 2016.

New Tech in the SCOTT Foil

The most important bike for the teams is the new SCOTT Foil, which was introduced to the Media in the summer of 2015. With a frame weight of 945g and a fork weight of 335g (size Medium, including small parts ) SCOTT`s racing spearhead is one of the lightest Aero Bikes on the market. It took no time for the first Foil to gain a reputation for being extremely stiff and responsive with regards to power transfer and handling. In favor of our Pro riders and the customer base that prefers a stiff and responsive bike, the new Foil exhibits even higher stiffness values than its predecessor.

The frame aerodynamics of the bike have been reworked as a whole: all the vertical sections of the frame have been optimized independently and in conjunction with each other, component integration has been lifted to a new level and the bike features a fully integrated cockpit that saves precious watts. Aside from the visible design enhancements with regards to aerodynamics and integration, the riding comfort of the new Foil has been elevated noticeably. The new Foil keeps the much appreciated characteristics of the original model but adds novel and innovative solutions to make it faster as a whole: It’s a Speed Update! Learn more about the Foil and all its benefits on the Scott website.

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