Brand Spotlight: Mondraker Bikes

New for 2023, Mondraker Bikes have landed at 99 Bikes and we couldn’t be more stoked!

Leaning upon over 20 years of experience in making bikes that win, Mondraker is passionate about building bikes without compromise. With a range that features full suspension and hardtail mountain bikes for riders that want top-level performance in every category. From XC to Trail and Enduro their bikes are a perfect fit for our customers who demand the very best from their bike. Unique features such as Forward Geometry and Zero Suspension System paired with Stealth Carbon construction put Mondraker Bikes in a class of their own.

Mondraker Foxy

First introduced in 2003, the Mondraker Foxy was their first Enduro / AM bike. The Foxy is now their longest-serving and best-known model in the range. For 2023, the 29″ Mondraker Foxy Alloy takes a 160/150mm platform that allows riders to take advantage of everything ridable in the area. If you’re a rider who enjoys going up, but what you really love is the ride back down then the Foxy is the bike for you.

Mondraker Raze

Trail bikes are more popular than ever and arguably the most versatile of all MTB’s. Best suited to UK riding of all the Mondraker range, the Raze does it all. Don’t be fooled though, this is no ordinary trail bike. Spectacularly lightweight with 150mm of front wheel travel and 130mm at the rear, it’s no surprise the Raze was given the best trail bike of 2022 award by MBR.

Mondraker Chrono

The Chrono is a XC hardtail that’s light, agile, stiff and all about squeezing every last drop of performance out of your ride. Thanks to FORWARD GEOMETRY and STEALTH FULL CARBON whether it’s a bike to compete on or to enjoy testing yourself on day-to-day rides then the Mondraker Chrono Carbon is that bike.

With more Mondraker Bikes set to drop at 99 Bikes in every category from XC to Trail and Enduro and even Mondraker E-Bikes, keep an eye out for more from Mondarker throughout 2023 in-store and online.

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