Behind The Scenes: Cube Factory, Germany

Back in September, we headed to Waldershof in Germany to visit the global headquarters of Cube HQ. We were given unrestricted access to their head office and colossal 430,000 square foot factory where thousands of new Cube bikes are assembled by hand every year.

Global head of sales, Chris Archer guided us through what can only be described as a place of dreams for any cycling enthusiast.

From the very beginnings of the brand to their advanced test lab and production line, we show you the inner workings of Cube and why their bikes are among the best in the world. We also got to meet some pretty incredible people along the way.

45-chair-factory Where it all began, Marcus started in the back of his Dad’s chair factory eventually taking it back, out growing it and then giving it back to his Dad.

26-cube-hqFast forward to the present day, Cube’s impressive HQ.

44-cube-no-camerasThis rule didn’t apply.

12-cube-receptionCould this be the smartest reception desk you have ever seen?

1-cube-office-spaceAs you climb the office stairs and get to the top floor it instantly hits you that this is a relaxed place to work!

27-cube-breakfastOn arrival we stumbled across some of the team grabbing breakfast. During the summer when shows are over, Cube provide all their staff breakfast. Some (Marc) went back more than others.

2-cube-future-bikeOne of Cube’s more crazy creations!

4-cube-ladies-bikeAn early ladies Cube road bike, just inside the door of the office to remind everyone how far they’ve come.

3-cube-cow-bellWe love a cow bell! These kinds of images are everywhere!

13-cube-officesSee what we mean? Even the accounts department gets a dose of cube imagery…

34-cube-meetingThis was probably a serious meeting until we rocked up! This is the e-bike product manager Niko Lindner and marketing manager Thomas Aigner.

29-cube-dudeWalst the MTB product guy, I’m sure many of you have him to thank for the awesome bike you ride!

30-cube-luckyFeeling Lucky, Cube is all about fun!

31-cube-product-developmentMore product development…

33-product-dev-officeMore of the product development department…

32-cube-product-designHere’s a cube frame being designed right in front of our eyes!

28-chris-archer-cubeQuick coffee stop on the office balcony.

5-cube-test-labTime to look inside the Cube test lab.

Have you ever wondered how cube test a saddle?


7-handle-bar-testingHandle bar stress testing.

8-handle-bar-testing-boxMore handle bar stress testing.

9-cube-hydroforming-technologyHydroforming at its best. How a bog standard piece of aluminium tubing transforms into a beautifully performing top tube. In this particular case from a Cube Stereo.

35-cube-loungeLounging areas are everywhere!

38-cube-mapCube really is becoming a global brand; this is their distribution network!

40-marcus-cubeExport manager Marc, the man with the biggest smile in Cube! You’ll see his number plate shortly as well…it’s amazing!

37-cude-dude-in-exportsSebastian Köllner showing the love.

36-porcheAll that was left from the Porsche.

39-cube-reptileHe’s watching.

41-cube-tableWhat’s propping up the bar?

42-cube-frame-tableCube frames of course!

43-cube-it-crowdThe IT crowd.

10-cube-shared-toiletsCommunal shower rooms, how very European!

11-cube-showersOn the tiles! Cube have really gone to town with the branding at their HQ.

14-cube-sprinter-vanKicking the tyres. Here’s Andy with one of the high performance Sprinter vans.

50-cube-marcus-carA fast car and a cool number plate! Who’s could this be?

25-dirkEven the big trucks get the personal touch from Cube.

Next we headed over the Cube production facility and warehouse…

16-cube-warehouseNotice something missing? If you’re superstitious you will…

17-cube-warehouse-entranceTime to enter the big factory!

48-cube-safety-shoesSafety first!

22-cube-framesStereo’s waiting for their build.

47-cube-bike-builderEvery bike is built by hand. Cube had just finished building its new production facility 3 weeks before our arrival.

51-awesome-cube-dudeSmiles in the aisles! The warehouse team love working for Cube and are brilliant at getting parts from A to B in no time. They keep the production line stocked up.

The Cube warehouse is enormous!

46-cube-bike-showroomA quick look around the warehouse showroom, 2017 product a plenty.

49-cube-attain-road-bike£999 for this beautiful Cube attain SL 2017 road bike or yours for £55 per month with no deposit.

18-cube-canteenThe warehouse canteen.

19-cube-sofa-areaWe can think of worse places to eat lunch.

23-cube-barHow many factories do you know of that have a bar? We spent a fair bit of time here.

20-cube-fridgeThere is one catch to this bar though…

24-cube-tablesSome more seating areas.

21-cube-beersThe best way to round off a fantastic guided tour of Cube’s super factory…Here’s Chris and Andy enjoying a cold local beer and a catch up on the roof top balcony. Cheers!

Photos and words by Matt Treviss & Andy Hargroves.

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