Buyers Guide to 2016 Cube Bikes

Cube Bikes once wore the mantle of the young up and coming German Bike brand but they are now fairly ubiquitous in the UK bicycle market.

If you were going to ask what kind of bikes do cube make then it would be much easier to tell you the kinds of bikes that they don’t. They were originally known for their mountain bikes but now they make everything from road bikes and mountain bikes to kids bikes and electric bikes.

They are without a doubt one of the best selling brands that we stock and that is because for accessible, robust and inexpensive bikes a Cube is pretty hard to beat.

Who are Cube?

Cube bikes was founded in 1993 in the corner of a furniture factory in Waldershof in Germany. At that point they had only 50 square metres of space. Now over 20 years later their production floor covers over 20,000 square metres and they export all over Europe and Asia.

What kind of bikes do Cube make?

At the time of writing this guide we stock over 243 different models of bicycle from Cube including;

Our best sellers however are the…

Cube Stereo 140 HPA Race 27

The Cube Stereo 140 HPA Race is a true all-rounder with it’s perfectly balanced suspension, 27.5 inch wheels and the new Shimano XT 2×11 groupset.
Cube Stereo 140 HPA Race 27 - 2016 Mountain Bike

Cube LTD Race 2X Black 29

The Cube L TD Race 2X Black 29 has one of the best aluminium frames ever developed Cube and feels as good on the trail as it does on the race course. The bike comes fully equipped with a Shimano XT 2 x 11 transmission, air sprung front suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes – plus the bike looks really stealthy.
Cube LTD Race 2X Black 29

Cube Attention SL Kiwi & Black 29

The Cube Attention SL Kiwi & Black 29 is a well-balanced, sporty hardtail with a comfortable and efficient ride position, a high quality 30 gear transmission and a Rock Shox air sprung suspension fork.
Cube Attention SL Kiwi & Black 29

Cube Attain Race

The Cube Attain Race brings a little of the racing spirit to longer rides, after-work blasts with your training buddies or regular training sessions.
Cube Attain Race

Cube Cross Hybrid Pro 400

The perfect entry level e-bike, ideal for cyclists who are looking for a faster and easier commute to work or gentle rides in the Forest or Countryside. The Cube Cross Pro 400 is incredible value for money and makes e-bikes more accessible.
Cube Cross Hybrid Pro 400

How much will it cost for a Cube bike?

Cube make bikes all across the price ranges and to be honest with you for every price range that you have we can find a great Cube bike to suit.

Best Cube bikes under £500

Best Cube bikes £500 – £1000

Best Cube Bikes £1000 – £2000

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