Flat Vs Clipless Pedals – Which Are You Riding?

It’s the age-old conversation that’s dividing the biking community – “clips or flats”?

Who could have known pedals could be such a talking point? But they are, and a major one at that…

Whilst you’ll find people who are more than happy to switch between the two, there are lots of riders out there who are massive advocates of either one or the other…and they’re not afraid to keep their opinion to themselves…

But what actually is the difference between flats and clipless, why do people feel so strongly about them, and do they even make a difference to your ride?

Flat Pedals

Flats are usually the go-to for beginners who are just starting out in the biking world. Not only can they be cheaper than clipless pedals, they offer riders slightly more confidence, as they know they are not ‘locked’ onto their bike.

But it’s not just beginners who chose flats; there are plenty of experienced riders out there who would pick the option over clipless pedals any day of the week. So, just why do riders love flats so much?

  • Easy to bail out – there are some tricky trails out there, and sometimes you just need to dab – and with flats, it proves to be a lot easier to do so, than with clipless pedals.
  • Build technique -flat pedals can teach you the correct technique and foot position, and can help you nail skills like Bunnyhops
  • Get going again more easily – Come to a halt at the end of a steep climb? Some riders argue that it is easier to get going again with flats.

Clipless Pedals

Completely opposite to what their name implies, clipless pedals actually mean ‘clipped in’ – your shoes attach to your pedals.

But why do riders rave about them so much?

  • Some people argue that because they are ‘attached’ to their bike, they have more control and that it makes their pedalling more smooth and efficient
  • Feet can’t slip around, so there’s no need to reposition your feet every so often. The fact your feet can’t move around can also help with the handling of the bike.
  • No danger of feet slipping off mid ride

You’ll hear different riders voicing different opinions about the two, but our advice? Don’t listen to them…try both out for yourself and see which you prefer! You’re the best judge of what’s going to make your ride better, and more efficient!

Regardless of whether you choose to ride flat or clipped in, check out some of our favorites below…

DMR Vault 9/16 Pedals

If you’re looking for a pedal with a big platform and that offers great stability and grip for even the bumpiest of trails, look no further than the DMR Vault 9/16 Pedals…they’re lightweight yet very tough!

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Hope F20 Pedals


Available in four great colours, the Hope F20 pedals really do allow you to add a little bit more character to your ride. These platform pedals are slightly concave in shape to give maximum support, even when things get real bumpy!

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Shimano XT M800 Race Pedals

shimano xt 5800

Perfect for cross country riding, the Shimano XT M800 Race pedals are designed to take the rigours of off-road competition. You’re guaranteed of a high performance thanks to its lightweight alloy body, and with an easy entry system and tension adjustment to hold the cleat firmly in place, you’ll be off in competing in no time at all.

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Crankbrothers Candy 1 Pedals



Available in four exciting colours, the Crankbrother’s Candy 1 clipless pedals boast a polycarbonated body with a stainless sleeve and steel spindle, which ultimately add strength and stability.

What’s more, thanks to the low profile design and platform, you’ll be able to deliver a more powerful and efficient pedal stroke!

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