Inside Specialized HQ

Yesterday, the team headed to Chessington for a world of adventure…The guys weren’t visiting the famous theme park though, instead they were heading to the UK headquarters of Specialized to see the new range of bikes, parts and accessories for 2017.

Whilst we can’t share any details of the new range just yet, their HQ is a wash with bike history and interesting geeky bike tech. This was my first visit to Specialized so admittedly I looked like a tourist taking pictures every 5 seconds…Here’s a selection of some of coolest things I saw..

specialized-red-hook-road-bike We walked through the door and instantly started to drool…

specialized-red-hook-shoesDo my feet look pimp in these?

specialized-coffee-machineFirst order of business!

specialized-coffeeCafé Con Leche anyone? Now that’s just showing off!

sepcialized-bike-museumMini bike museum

campag-rear-mech This Campag mech is probably just only starting to wear in.

specialized-allez Classic Specialized Allez road bike.


specialized-downhill-mtbSpecialized downhill bike, in the right hands I bet this thing can still decent quick!

specialized-downhill-mega-chainsetBig ring anyone?



specialized-custom-bottlesSticky bottles

specialized-no-cameraSecret product launch stuff we can’t show you…yet!

specialized-jersey-collectionLovely collection!


specialized-road-bike-pinstripingMore gold!


specialized-stump-jumper-advertLoving the vintage adverts.

specialized-road-bike-carbon-wallEver wondered how much carbon goes into a front triangle?

specialized-hospitalitySpecialized do lunch-time really well! The food was lovely.

specialized-carbon-tubeMore carbon.




As soon as we can release details of the new range you will be the first to know. #excited.

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