Introducing the Trade In A Banger Scheme

Throughout March and April, we will be accepting any and all of your old bikes! Not only this, we will be giving you up to £500 off of a brand spanking new 2017 bike of your choice. Now before you start scrambling to get the old bike buried at the back of your shed, let me explain a few things for you.

As long as your bike has all its components, it doesn’t matter if gears, brakes or the wheels don’t work, we’ll take it off your hands. Your old bike’s condition does not affect how much money you save. From there you can pick and choose whichever 2017 model bike you’d like! If you’ve had your eye on that new Cube Acid, you know, the one with the blue and orange colour scheme? Now’s your chance to get £75 off!

The amount you save is dependent on which 2017 bike you’re going to buy. Use this handy table as a guide when you trade in your old bike. For instance, if you’re looking to purchase a Specialized Allez, you’ll save £50. Essentially, the more you spend the more you save! As a famous meerkat regularly says on the T.V. “Simples!”

Another important aspect of our Trade in A Banger scheme is that it is limited to stores only. Unfortunately, we cannot accept trade-ins online. Once you’ve popped into store and traded in your bike, you’ll have to say goodbye to it because we’re collecting all the bangers and donating them to Recycles, a Salvation Army social enterprise. Each volunteer has experienced homelessness and is there to help support others turn their lives around. It gives a safe environment for people to develop practical skills and help out running a small business, and we’re really excited to be helping out Recycles.

Throughout our Trade in A Banger campaign, we’ll be championing out with the old and in with the new, highlighting some fantastic savings on 2017 bikes, and celebrating vintage bikes. Keep an eye out for more Trade in A Banger posts on our social media pages.



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