London To Paris : Two days in, two to go…

Two days in, two to go…

Alfie and Saskia Earl, 9 and 12-years-old, are two days into a four-day ride from London to Paris.

Heat nudging 30oC, thunderstorms and some brutal climbs in the lands of southern England and northern France have not yet deterred the duo, from north London, who have been supported in their efforts by 99 Bikes.

“The first day was so tough. It was hot and we rode over some sharp climbs on the North and South Downs. The descents were epic though. Today we went from Calais to a place north of Amiens and it was just as hard. I just want to get to Paris now but am having fun along the way. I am winning up most of the hills though” Alfie tells us.

Sister Saskia said: “I hate hills now. But I think we can get to Paris if we’re stubborn enough.”

The Earls take a well-deserved break to pose for a photo

Tomorrow they take on around 90km to Beauvais, to add to the around 250km they’ve already done since Saturday.

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