Pinarello Prince Disk Review

Looking for a slightly tamer Dogma? Then the Prince Disk might be just the thing.

Since the Prince’s return to the Pinarello roster it’s pitched as a more approachable all-rounder. Compared to the more race focused Dogma F10  the Prince offers a more comfortable ride, better suited to most riders needs. That’s not to say the Prince is a slouch in anyway. When rubber meets the road the Prince performs incredibly well. When you dig in the Prince is articulate and nimble. The transfer of power is also very efficient, making the Prince super responsive. The ride is nice and stiff but never obviously jarring.  Once you ease up the everything smoothes out and the Prince becomes a fairly comfortable cruiser perfect for more leisurely rides.



The Prince shares a lot of its DNA with the Dogma f10. If fact from a distance they look very similar, both sharing the concave downtube for reducing drag when a water bottle is in situ.The forks also feature a nifty “Fork Flap” designed to smooth airflow over the dropouts.



To bring the cost down the guys Pinarello use T700 carbon  as opposed to the T1100 carbon lay-up featured on the Dogma F10. While slightly heavier the T700 makes the Prince the more durable of the two which helps solidify its position as a the go to model in the Pinarello range for people looking for a more versatile option.



The fine balancing act the Prince performs between race ready and everyday day use makes the bike definitely one to consider. Combined with the pedigree of the Pinarello brand and race proven design we highly recommend the Prince to anyone looking for an upper mid-range setup that offers a race oriented ride but isn’t a one trick pony.

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