Specialized’s new Tactic 4 Mountain Bike Helmet

Specialized launched the Tactic 4 MIPS equipped helmet earlier this month in its very much updated guise offering greater protection and aesthetics than its previous iteration.

The Specialized Tactic Mountain Bike Helmet has been a long-standing favourite with our enduro and trail riding team members and customers alike at 99 Bikes. The all-new Tactic 4 is different in all areas but is it better? We certainly think so, we took a look at the vast improvements Specialized have made in all areas of the updated lid.

To look at the Specialized Tactic 4 is a far more modern take on a trail mountain bike helmet. The helmet includes some sizeable vents and 4D brow cooling which provides a gap between the helmet and forehead which direct air to the clever internal air channel, keeping your head cool and comfortable in the most claggy of conditions.

The fixed position peak sits high to keep well clear of your view down the trail while allowing for the safe storage of glasses in the specifically designed eyewear channels. If goggles are the choice of the day you can stash those below the peak too while the strap sits securely on the rear, the Tactic is really accommodating in the eyewear department.

The increased coverage to the rear of the head is in line with most modern trail helmets, keeping the back of your head safe should the worst happen. This also houses the clever retention system which allows you to lower or raise the location to sit snugly below the pointy part at the back of your head. Adjusting the helmet is made nice and easy even when wearing gloves and there’s no mistaking when you move the dial another notch as it gives off a loud click.

The MIPS Evolve solution help make the Tactic 4 certified to NTA 8776 meaning it’s E-Bike friendly and therefore withstands the higher speeds you might experience when riding an eMTB. It also earned the highest 5-Star Virginia Tech® Helmet Rating™ from the internationally renowned Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

The Specialized Tactic 4 Mountain Bike Helmet is available in a range of 6 different colours and 3 sizes which cover head circumferences in the range of 51-62cm making it a great option for just about any rider looking for a trail or enduro mountain bike helmet.

Shop the Specialized Tactic Helmet range at 99 Bikes.

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