Summer Clothing – Road Essentials

Summer cycle clothing, simple right? Short sleeve jersey, shorts, done. Not so fast…
While dressing for the summer months seems easy at first, the unpredictable nature of British weather may call for a few shrewd choices. In this guide, we’ll run through a few things to consider when picking some summer cycle clothing essentials.

To Bib or not to Bib

While it may seem counterintuitive a bib short is often a better choice for summer riding. Although shorts offer less coverage this quite often come at the expense of comfort. During a long ride in the heat, comfort should come high up the priority list.
The trick is finding a high quality, summer specific bib-short. A quality
bib short will often not make you feel any hotter, whilst offering superior moisture management. Also, keep an eye out for breathable lightweight fabrics.The  Castelli Evoluzione 2 Bibshorts are a strong contender featuring all the elements that make up a great summer bib-short.

Suns out guns out

A true measure of any cyclist is how sharply defined and wildly contrasting their tan lines are. In order to develop a rich mahogany forearm to form the Yin to your biceps Yang, you’re going to need the right short sleeve jersey.
A recurrent theme in this piece is going to be “moisture management” also referred to as “wicking” along with a whole host of other technical sounding names. All this really means is how a fabric deals with sweat. An engineered fabric of this type will transfer moisture away from the skin, aid quick evaporation and have superior breathability. Perfect for hotter conditions.

It’s also worth looking for a bit of ventilation when considering a jersey. A good example that covers all the bases is the Castelli FLUSSO JERSEY FZ – Moisture wicking, mesh side panels, breathability and a super fresh summer colourway that will make you the envy of your fellow cyclists.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

The British weather is a fickle mistress ready to turn on you at a moments notice, so it’s important to be prepared.
Most clothing brands offer some sort of “pac-a-mac” style lightweight jacket. These are somewhat wind & rainproof and can be stowed in a jersey pocket or saddle bag. Perfect for whipping out at a moments notice should the weather take a turn for the worse. the Castelli Castelli Squadra ER Jacket is a good shout, being well priced and available in a choice of colours.

Much like the lightweight jacket, Arm and knee warmers can be stuffed in a pocket or bag just in case temperatures drop. So it’s always worth having some available to you.


Although a fairly obvious suggestion, keeping your peepers protected is often overlooked. UV damage to the eyes is a very real threat, so taking precautions makes sense. there’s plenty of options available when it comes
to sunglasses so go with whichever ones tickle your fancy. Just keep an eye out for UV protection guarantees.

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