Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Mountain Biking

Going Tubeless

Going tubeless is a great way to find extra grip and confidence on the trail, with the added bonuses of weight savings and will seal most punctures! Any bike can be converted to tubeless, some conversions may be more involved than others so please check before you start. A lot of bikes now only require the purchased of a set of valves and the sealant itself, with Stan’s being the go to brand. You can browse these here.

Protect Your Eyes

The trail can be a dangerous place for your eyes! You only have one pair of eyes so it’s worth investing in their protection especially with stones, dirt flicking up and branches to dodge and avoid. Basis clear wrap around style glasses can be had for under £20, or the latest tech and styles from Oakley.


Drop It Low

Getting a dropper post could be one of the best things you do! No more saddle in your way on the downhills or endless stopping to put the saddle to the right height for the next bit of trail. Some say they don’t see the point, but once you’ve tried one you won’t be without it! We have access to a wide range of dropper posts to fit your bike and needs.

Setting Your Suspension

Spending a bit of time becoming familiar with your bike’s suspension adjustments and fine tuning your set up will reap the rewards on the trail. While our instore experts can get you up and running with the correct air pressures and fundamentals of how your suspension works, there is no substitute for some real world testing! Our top tip is to find a bit of your favourite trail that has a mix of everything in it i.e. with smooth, flowy and rough, rocky sections and ride it back to back in different settings/adjustments. This is the best way to find out how much is too much or too little rebound, or if you need an extra token in your Pike’s! All of this still gibberish to you? Get in touch with us and we can help find the perfect set up for you.


Check Your Brakes

Are your pads wearing out really quick? Find you don’t have enough bite? Then a simple, but an often overlooked area to upgrade is the brake pads! Swap out your pads for a sintered version that is harder wearing and cope with heat better. If this still isn’t enough then consider going up a disc rotor size. We’ve got a huge range of brake pads that are just waiting to get fitted onto your bike!

Keep It Clean

The best way to keep your pride and joy running smoothly is to keep it clean and lubed. After every ride, make sure you treat your bike to a little TLC with our Muc Off products. Mucky pups

Feed me up!

Nothing worse than the running on empty feeling as you hit that last big steep climb! Make sure you fuel yourself accordingly for the ride ahead. There is no substitute for a good square meal an hour or so before riding, but it is important to take them energy boosting gels or bars with you on the ride. Planning an all-day adventure? Prepare to take energy drinks, bars and gels with you. See our selection here. Caffeine added gels are great for when your flagging on a longer ride.

Words by Rich Swain.

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