Tour De France - Champagne Bikes On A Lemonade Budget

Tour De France 2017 : Champagne Bikes On A Lemonade Budget

The Tour De France is back on our screens, and boy are we turning green with bike envy.

We’ve seen bikes like Bianchi’s Oltre XR4, Scott’s Foil, Cube’s Litening c:68 SL and Cannondale’s SuperSix Evo Disc over the past week, and let’s be honest… it’s making all of us want to pack our bags and head over to France to see some of the finest bikes the industry has to offer, in all their true glory.

But with some of the Tour De France bikes coming in at an eye-watering £10,000, it’s safe to say that for the majority of us, these are bikes we can only dream of.

But, don’t panic. If you’re feeling inspired to get out on the road and race like the pros, you don’t need a £10k budget to tackle the tarmac…you need to check out our range of ‘Champagne Bikes On A Lemonade Budget’.

We’ve compiled a list of some pretty fierce road bikes so you can get out and about, for a fraction of the price!

Specialized Allez

Specialized Allez e5

Just starting to find your road cycling legs? Combining the rocket-like feeling of a race bike but with versitality, and confident and sturdy handling, the Allez e5 is a great place to start! With reliable Claris shifting, and a FACT carbon fork, this is a pretty durable bike that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come!

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Specialized Allez e5 Elite

Specialized Allez e5 Elite
It’s no secret that we’re still in love with aluminium road bikes, especially when they’re constructed to be lightweight and ultra-stiff, meaning you can make the most out of every bit of energy and power your legs can produce. Climbs, descents and all out sprints? No worries, the Allez e5 Elite has you covered.

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Specialized Allez e5 Sport

Specialized Allez e5 Sport

Versatile, and value packed, the Allez e5 Sport offers stiff alloy construction, Shimano Sora shifting and a carbon fork, meaning you can complete all your rides with confidence.

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Cube Axial WLS

Cube Axial WLS

Extraordinarily light and stiff, the Cube Axial WLS road bike is designed for women who are looking to take on whatever the tarmac has to offer. With it’s high quality aluminium frame, this great value bike is as well prepared for long climbs as it is fast sprints.

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Cube Attain

Cube Attain

Silent freewheeling, competitive drafting and speed…what more could you want from a road bike? The Cube Attain was created to go faster, higher and further. With exceptional steering precision, and a new standard of comfort, you’ll be racing like the pro’s in no time.

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