Wahoo Speedplay Zero Pedal Review

Wahoo Speedplay Zero Pedal Review

Weight: 221g per pair

Best foot forward…
As a longtime Speedplay Pedal user I must admit when rumours started to fly that Wahoo had acquired Speedplay I was excited. With Wahoo being one of favourite brands here at 99 Bikes, we look forward to all their product launches, this one however certainly had my attention. So, when I had a chance to get my hands (or feet) on the redesigned Wahoo Speedplay Zero Stainless Steel Pedals I jumped at the chance. Now, having covered some KM’s with them (despite the great British summer weathers’ best efforts to stop me) I can give my thoughts on what Wahoo has achieved with their updated take on an icon of the road cycling pedal world.

On the surface the pedals don’t appear hugely different, given the success of Speedplay’s previous pedal offerings that’s no real surprise. The pedals still have their unique lollipop appearance, the engagement system remains within the cleat rather than the pedal. There are some subtle differences however, the cleat covers are now black or grey (dependant on if you have the Standard or Easy Tension Cleat), the easily identifiable yellow is a thing of the past sadly. The metal surrounds of the pedal now encase the whole perimeter, the grease ports have been removed thanks to updated bearings there simply is no longer a need for them. Oh and they say Wahoo in the middle now.

Engaging stuff
One of the best features of Speedplay pedals (other than the way they look) is the dual-sided entry. It makes clipping in super simple, you just stand on the pedal and away you go. I’ve always found it to give me confidence when getting away from a busy road junction without the need to flip your pedal round into position. Wahoo have kept this feature on all their Speedplay pedals other than the Aero models. The reassuring ‘click’ when you engage the pedal still remains with the Standard Tension Cleats supplied with the Zero pedals, if you in the past have found that to be a little too hard, Wahoo now offer an Easy Tension Cleat which is supplied as standard with the Comp pedals.

Stack height remains minimal, noticeably lower than anything offered by Shimano or Look for example. With just 11.5mm stack height when using the 3 hole bolt system they ensure that you have maximum power transfer with every pedal stroke. Walkability has been further enhanced also, if you’re a long-time user of Speedplay you’ll remember just how lethal those exposed metal cleats could be. Thankfully Wahoo supplies as standard, a leave-on rubber texture cover for the cleats making walking a doddle. These covers also protect the cleat, providing you keep on top of cleaning/lubing your cleats they should certainly last far longer than any exposed plastic cleat.

Speedplay Pedals have always been famed for their adjustability, whether it be the high level of float offered or the fore/aft and left/right placement of the cleats. They offer such a wide variety of foot positions on the pedal that they just about suit everyone. Make no mistake, previous versions of these pedals have been a lifesaver when I experienced IT Band pain some years back thanks to the ability to micro-adjust the fitment down to a tee. Wahoo has kept that level of adjustability with the updated pedals which offer up to 15 degrees of free float and 3-axis cleat adjustment. Getting your cleats set up correctly can be slightly more time-consuming than other cleats but it’s certainly worth it.


Wahoo has slimmed down the range of Speedplay pedals and simplified their offering. Currently, the range features 4 pedals, the Speedplay Comp Chromoly pedals, The Speedplay Zero Stainless Steel pedals, The Speedplay Aero Stainless Steel pedals and the range-topping Speedplay Nano Titanium pedals with two cleat options in the form of the Standard and Easy Tension.

Are Wahoo Speedplay Pedals for me?
If you’re in the market for a new set of pedals for your Road bike or perhaps your Wahoo KICKR Bike I really can’t recommend enough the Wahoo Speedplay Pedals. Wahoo has taken an already race-proven product and made it better. They offer adjustability that is second to none, unparalleled stack height and will keep any weight weenie happy. Wahoo has addressed any of the previous issues that users experienced with the Speedplay pedal system. They really are one of the most complete road cycling pedal systems on the market. I’ve now covered around 1000km on this test set and as you can see they’re wearing really well, if you look after the pedals and cleats they’ll certainly last a long time. Durability certainly isn’t an issue here. While some may find the setup process a little long-winded, others will revel in the levels of customisation on offer. If you’re someone who is looking for the perfect bike fit, they certainly might just be the solution you’re looking for!

The Wahoo Speedplay pedal range is available at 99 Bikes now.

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