Winter Sale Top Bike Picks

Our Winter sale is here with a stonking offer of 30% off of 2016 bikes. We have compiled a list of our favourite 2016 bikes that are too good to miss! So treat yourself and start the new year with a new whip. Use the code BIKE30 and get 30% off at checkout.

cube-acid-blogCube Acid – 2016 Mountain Bike – £599 (£559.30 with code)

An exceptionally great entry-mid level mountain bike at an absolute banger of a price. The hardtail frame eats up the trails like nobody’s business. With internally routed cables that give the frame a lovely sleek look, and a frame specifically designed for disc brakes, the Cube Acid is the perfect stead for all your mountain biking purposes.


Scott Scale 920 – 2016 Mountain Bike – £1899 (£1678.60 with code)

A carbon frame, a beast of a fork system and an eye-catching colour scheme, the Scott Scale 920 is a powerhouse of a mountain bike. You don’t need to worry about slipping and sliding all over the show, the Scale 920 will keep you grounded in the right places. An excellent cross country bike.


GT Transeo 1 – 2016 Hybrid Bike – £499.99 (£489.99 with code)

The Transeo 1 has Shimano gearing and is ideal for leisurely rides in the afternoon, or to kickstart burning that Christmas dinner off. This bike is perfect to commute to work or exploring the city, a tidy little bike that is great for getting around.


Ridley X- Bow 20 Disc – 2016 Road Bike – £649.99

Designed for the best performance and comfort, the X-Bow is a bike that transcends genre. A cyclocross racer, an everyday commuter, a long weekender or a stylish lightweight touring bike. Whatever you put this bike through, you will be surprised with its reliable performance and elegant style.


Cube Attain GTC – 2016 Road Bike – £925 (£909.30 with code)

The Attain GTC isn’t just extremely light and comfortable, it’s also fast and efficient. An engineered masterpiece of racing tech, designed with vertical compliance in mind so that bumps and shocks from the road surface are minimal to the rider. A smooth ride for a smooth rider.

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