Zebra Spotting in Deepest Darkest Southampton

99 Bikes are really very proud to announce our support for the Marwell Zoo’s Zany Zebra’s event in 2016.

Well the guys at Marwell Zoo are going to release a herd of Zebra’s decorated by local artists and schools around the streets of Southampton on the 16th of July. The city centre will be an explosion of colour and the challenge for you guys is to try and spot them all.

If you can’t wait to see them then we have a sneak peek of one of the Zebra’s below;

We would love to tell you loads of stuff about the design of our Zebra, as we are all buzzing about it, but we have been sworn to secrecy.  So keep your eye’s peeled on Saturday the 16th of July where our very own Zebra will be galloping somewhere around the Southampton streets.

What we can say is that you should keep checking the 99 Bikes hub as we will announce a competition on here in relation to ……..(Oops we almost told you the Zebra’s name then).  Just watch this space to find out more…

They are all being packed up safely in their crates and are being carefully herded to Southampton, if you want updates then follow the Zany Zebra’s Facebook Page.

Marwell Zoo Zany Zebra
Is our zebra in amongst this lot?

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